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Why Chocolate and Wheat Germ Go Together

If you hear the word “chocolate” while playing a word association game, you’re not likely to shout out “Wheat germ!” That’s too bad because the two make a very good team. We know because we put them to the test in our recipe for Dark Chocolate Truffles with Wheat Germ. The result was nothing short of amazing.

Dark chocolate and wheat germ belong together for two reasons: Both of them taste good (and complement each other well), and both provide good health benefits. Our truffles call for dark chocolate, a healthier indulgence than milk chocolate or white chocolate. Studies reveal eating small amounts of dark chocolate just might help temper high blood pressure, cancer and even diabetes. Cocoa solids and flavenoids are the two beneficial elements in chocolate, but unfortunately they are sometimes extracted in processing (chocolate should have at least 70 percent cocoa content to be beneficial). So the emphasis is on “just might” and the studies are far from conclusive, according to Dr. Joseph Su, an NIH expert on diet and cancer.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s also good to know chocolate may keep relationships healthy as well. Recently British researchers discovered that eating chocolate might be more of a turn-on than kissing! Couples geared with electrodes were asked to savor chocolate and then kiss each other. Both heart rate and brain activity were higher (and lasted longer) in those who had eaten the chocolate.

We don’t need to point out how much wheat germ can enhance your daily nutrient intake. But we will say that paired with chocolate, it might be a lot more romantic than you think.