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How to Stay Motivated to Exercise When the Temperature Drops

The bare trees, dark evenings and dropping temperature can sap just about anyone’s motivation to work out. Opting for the couch and a cup of coffee with Chocolate, Almond and Wheat Germ Biscotti may seem like a more tempting choice. When the cozy throw blanket and good book are calling, however, remember how good you feel and how much better food tastes after you’ve gotten your heart rate up and your body moving.

Exercise is important for your body and your mind, so we put together a list of simple ways to keep you motivated, active and healthy through the winter.

·      Commit to meeting with a workout buddy a few times a week. You wouldn’t want to let down a friend, would you?

·      Sign up for a class and pay for a month upfront. Skip and you’ll feel guilty for wasting your investment.

·      Bring your workout gear with you to work so you avoid going home to the lure of the couch.

·      Sign up for a specific race or event in early spring to give yourself a goal. Create a training plan to keep you on track for the big day.

·      Join a charity workout team, such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Team in Training, where you raise money for an event, train with a team and then take part in the event.

·      Purchase the right gear for working out. If you’re running outside, for example, make sure you have sweat-wicking clothing.

·      If the weather is wet, slippery or too cold, don’t risk your health with an outdoor workout. Here are some ideas for indoor workouts to get you moving at home.

Food for thought

To gear up for your morning workout, try this tasty Protein-Rich Smoothie with Wheat Germ and Chia Seeds. You can make it ahead and take it with you in a thermos to work.

If you like to exercise after work, make your dinner ahead of time so it’s ready for a quick re-heat when you walk in the door. Our Slow Cooker Beef Stew with Wheat Germ and Vegetarian Chili with Wheat Germ make great warm-up meals.

Finally, don’t forget to hydrate properly. When it’s cold out, it’s easy to forget to drink water and end up dehydrated. For more ways to fuel up before and after you hit the pavement or the gym, check out our tips on what to eat and drink when working out.

How do you stay motivated for your cold-weather workouts?