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Smart Substitutions: Soup and Sandwiches

For an easy weeknight meal, nothing beats a warm crock of soup and filling sandwich. The number of soup and sandwich combinations is nearly endless, but when you add wheat germ into the mix, you’ll boost nutrition in ways you might not otherwise.

While bulking up soup to make it a more substantial meal often translates to adding cream to the recipe, there’s a much healthier way. As you’ll see in our recipe for Butternut Squash Soup with Wheat Germ, adding wheat germ instantly boosts protein, fiber and potassium for a more nutritious bowl of goodness. Pair that with a chicken salad sandwich made with light mayonnaise and served with baby spinach or an herb salad mix on whole grain bread, and you’ll have a tasty, and filling, meal. Try substituting wheat germ for some of the mayonnaise in your chicken or tuna salad to increase nutrition and reduce fat even more.

If you have a little time on the weekend to prepare ahead, bake this Barley and Wheat Germ Sandwich Bread, which substitutes wheat germ for some of the flour. Use it to make sandwiches like these healthier panini recipes from Cooking Light. Keep things simple by picking up a freshly made broth-based soup at your favorite market or preparing a super simple version like this Quick and Easy Vegetable Soup.

Some soups can’t help it—they were just meant to take center stage. Our Onion Soup with Gruyere Toasts and Wheat Germ is a meal unto itself, but even this hearty dish can use a good sidekick. This Flatbread Salad Pizza incorporates store-bought flatbread crackers or lavash as a base for a light and healthy salad—a perfect combination that uses less bread than a sandwich. Together, these two create an evening meal your family will ask for again and again.

What are your favorite soup and salad combos? Let us know!