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How to Get More Vitamin A in Your Diet

Learn about the benefits of vitamin A and which foods are rich sources of this vital nutrient, and then try our healthy recipe ideas.

Boosting Nutrition in Your Slow Cooker Recipes with Wheat Germ

Making recipes healthier is easy with wheat germ and a slow cooker. Try these nutritious and delicious crock pot recipe ideas.

Health Benefits of Walking

Walking is good exercise, and a great way for the whole family to get in shape. Learn why you should walk and how to get started.

Falling for Apples: 10 Ways to Create Delicious Dishes from the Season’s Bounty

Take advantage of fall's apple picking season by trying these delicious apple recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

Exercising with the Whole Family

It's easier to stick to a fitness routine when the whole family exercises together. Be sure to include these fun workouts for kids.

Healthy After-School Rejuvenation Snacks

Your kids will love these healthy after school snacks — tasty wraps and smoothies — that will keep them energized.

Good Fat vs. Bad Fat: Making the Right Choices for Your Health

Confused about fats? Learn about saturated, unsaturated and trans fats and the best sources for Omega-3.

Meal Makeover: Baked Instead of Fried

If you want to make healthy choices but love fried foods, try these kid-friendly oven-baked recipes for chicken fingers, fish and French fries.

Hot Topic: Cauliflower

Some of the country's best chefs are grilling, roasting and baking this veggie. Reap the health benefits of cauliflower by trying these cauliflower dishes.

Gearing Up for School with Granola

Need healthy snack or breakfast ideas for kids? Whole grain granola is versatile and nutritious. Make it at home and try different fruits, nuts, and spices.