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Wheat Germ Conversations on Twitter

Since the breakout story about Kretschmer Wheat Germ in The New York Times October 8, we have discovered many exciting conversations on Twitter and other social media streams.

Most popular topics? Recipes, especially for breakfast; wheat germ for healthy eating; and questions from wheat germ “newbies” about how to fit this superfood into their diets.

Here’s what people are talking about:

Fluffy Pancakes with Wheat Germ and Applesauce (from @OMG_TTeng). The English seem to really like their germ; we see a lot of cooking tips and recipes coming from across the Pond. This recipe, based on a Welsh family favorite, comes from allrecipes.com.

Menu tonight: Red Chard Quiche with Salad from Dollar Friendly Meals (from @cookingthisweek). We all want to eat healthy meals, but many of us are also watching our food budgets—can we do both? Dollar Friendly Meals’ recipe sounds fantastic, especially considering wheat germ’s double value as both a nutritious and economical ingredient.

AJ Parks & Rec (@AJParksandRec) offered this advice: FitFactFri: Flu season is coming up; boost your immunity by eating foods high in zinc, such as lean red meat, crab, peanuts, wheat germ. . . . Many of the tweets have to do with wheat germ and weight loss, wheat germ for babies and even wheat germ as a natural dog food ingredient.

Amber Robinson (@LotusandHoney) is one of many tweeting about experiencing wheat germ for the first time. Just purchased the following: wheat germ, stevia and flaxseed. This is a first. I don't even know who I am anymore . . . or what to do with it. We think she will get some great suggestions from the Twitter community, which is always coming up with great recipes for smoothies, oatmeal, omelets, salads and pancakes containing wheat germ.

And the conversations continue—about one new mention of wheat germ every hour! Set your search or dedicate a new Tweetdeck column to “wheat germ” to join in. (Follow us at @MyWheat Germ, and remember to mark your tweets with #wheatgerm.)